The Mountaineer Shed, one of our top of the line sheds

The Mountaineer


The mountaineer is our top selling shed built with quality and style in mind. This shed is built with 4″ fully ventilated overhang, standard vinyl siding that can be upgraded to Hardie Board or Hardie Lap Siding and a 16″ on center metal roof. This shed DBPR approved to withstand 170 mph winds and is HVHZ (Miami Dade approved).

  • Exposure “D” Engineered 170 M.P.H.
  • 4″ Overhang with Soffit
  • 29 G Metal Roof or Permatile Roof
  • Vinyl siding or Hardie Board / Lap Siding.
  • 2×6 S.Y.P Pressure treated floor joist.

Available Options

6′ x 6′ 8′ x 6′ 10’ x 8′ 12′ x 10′ 14′ x 8′
6′ x 8′ 8′ x 8′ 10’ x 10′ 12′ x 12′ 14′ x 10′
6′ x 10′ 8′ x 10′ 10’ x 12′ 12′ x 14′ 14′ x 12′
6′ x 12′ 8′ x 12′ 10’ x 14′ 12′ x 16′ 14′ x 14′
6′ x 14′ 8′ x 14′ 10’ x 16′ 12′ x 18′ 14′ x 16′
8′ x 16′ 10’ x 18′ 12′ x 20′ 14′ x 18′
10’ x 20′ 12′ x 22′ 14′ x 20′
10’ x 22′ 12′ x 24 14′ x 22′
10’ x 24′ 12′ x 26′ 14′ x 24′
12′ x 28′ 14′ x 26′
12′ x 30′ 14′ x 28′
12′ x 32′ 14′ x 30′
12′ x 34′ 14′ x 32′
12′ x 36′ 14′ x 34′
12′ x 38′ 14′ x 36′
12′ x 40′ 14′ x 38′
14′ x 40′



  • 0.040" thickness for impact resistance and durability.
  • Double 4.5" Dutchlap profile.
  • Medium gauge thickness for impact resistance and durability.
  • Deep, rich shadow lines provide depth and dimension.
  • Infused color that goes all the way through, won’t chip or fade.
  • DuratronTM Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long lasting performance.
Azure Blue vinyl siging

Azure Blue

Wiloow Green vinyl siding

Willow Green

Flagstone vinyl siding


Ivory vinyl siding


Khaki vinyl siding


Linen White vinyl siding

Linen White

Mocha vinyl siding


Wicker vinyl siding


Sandalwood vinyl siding


Slate Gray vinyl siding

Slate Gray

White vinyl siding


Sunshine Yellow vinyl siding

Sunshine Yellow

Terraverde vinyl siding


JamesHardie Lapsiding and Panels


  • Too tough for pests and insects that can damage wood-based siding
  • Fire resistant and is recognized by fire departments nationwide
  • Resists the effects of water absorption, leading to a lower maintenance exterior
  • Engineered for Climate® to withstand hot, humid conditions and blistering sun in the South


Choose your own color.


James Hardie Lapsiding


James Hardie Panel



  • 36” width coverage with 3/4” high ribs on 9” centers 29 gauge.
  • 40 year paint warranty on the Val Spar Weather XL paint system.
  • Paint Sysytem is Energy Star efficient to keep energy bills low.
  • Environmentally-friendly because it is 100 % recyclable.
White Metal Roof


Light Stone Metal Roof

Light Stone

Metal Emerald Green Roof shed

Emerald Green


Cocoa Brown

Sahara Tan Roof Metal Shed

Sahara Tan

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray

Metal ash gray metal

Ash Gray

Hawaiian blue metal roof for sheds

Hawaiian Blue

Galvalume roof for shed


Permatile Roof


  • Energy Savings - Permatile features special infrared reflective coatings that meet Cool Color requirements.
  • Lightweight - Permatile panels are less than 1/10th the weight of traditional concrete tiles and 1/3rd the weight of asphalt singles.
  • Durable - The 26 guage steel panels are manufactured to withstand severe weather and the elements superior to other types of roofing.
  • Permatile offers you the look of tile with all the advantages of metal.
Terracota Permatile shed roof


State Blue permatile shed roof

Slate Blue

Desert Tan permatile shed roof

Desert Tan

State Gray permatile shed roof

Slate Gray

Ascot White permatile shed roof

Ascot White

Seal Brown permatile shed roof

Seal Brown

Regal Blue permatile shed roof

Regal Blue

Colonial Red permatile shed roof

Colonial Red

Ever Green permatile shed roof

Ever Green

Ash Gray permatile shed roof

Ash Gray

36"x72" 36"x72"
36"x80" 6Pnl 36"x80"
42"x72" 42"x72"
48"x72" 48"x72"
65"x80" 65"x80"
72"x72" 72"x72"



+ 9"
+ 13.5"
+ 18"

16" x 4"


Wood Ramps

Provides easy access to the shed, ideal for tool's storage shed.


Electrical Packages

Ideal for a man/woman cave. Your shed will be ready to go and plug in your electronics.



Ideal for storage oriented sheds if your'e looking to declutter your garage.



Maximizes the shed's storage capability to the max, allowing you to store even more!



Make your shed even more amazing with our Porsches options, your shed  will look beautiful anywhere at your property.



Make your shed energy efficient and sound proof, ideal for every type of shed. Click to know more



6 Foot
6 Foot

The Mountaineer, our most popular shed yet.

If your'e looking for the most popular shed shed around, your search ends here. The Mountaineer has been for decades, SWFL's most valued shed, thanks to its tough structure, endless customization options and perfectly asembled  4" overhang, it's hands down the most versatile and shed that you will find.

Amazing features

Custom built

Our sheds can be custom built to your requirements, all windows, doors, and vents can be installed to your specifications. Shed heights can be raised or lowered to meet your needs.

170 M.P.H. Winds

The Mountaineer shed is DBPR approved and can withstand 170mph winds.

Free Delivery

Delivery, anchoring, leveling, and set up of our buildings are free within a 25-mile radius of our dealers (excluding the Florida Keys see dealer for details).

5 year Guarantee

Amazon Sheds provides its customers a 5-year warranty covering materials, labor, leaks, leveling, and workmanship on all our products.

Top Customer service

Our customer's satisfaction comes first, from the design process till the delivery of your shed, we will make every step of your shed journey a breeze.

Rent to own

We also offer a Rent-to Own plan, ask to one of our representatives for our rent-to-own plan in all of ur shed's models.

What people say about the Mountaineer

After talking with a few shed companies (some not professional, some wanted me to pull my own permit...etc...), I found Amazon Sheds. From the moment I met Alex, Amazon was my clear choice. They were slightly more, but worth every penny. The build quality was A+, very customizable (was able to match colors of our house, add windows, different types of doors, etc.... I wanted my shed to look like a small cottage...not a plain shed; even though it is from my lawn tractor).

I cannot say enough great things about my salesperson (Alex). He was the reason I did not paying a little more for a Amazon shed. He took the time to show me how they build their sheds, he sat down with me and spec'ed out my shed with no sales pressure tactics. He was very professional from start to finish. Alex even came out to my house twice, to make sure everything was laid out correctly and took care of permitting and inspection for me. Then Alex came out a second time, to insure everything was done properly. Thank you Alex!!! I would not buy anywhere else if I need a shed in the future!!

A+++++ (**********10-stars!!!) Great job!!!


Derek W
Bonita, FL

I wanted a shed for a long time but was intimidated by the the whole process. After shopping for months I went back to Amazon Sheds and I am glad I did. Bennie Ray spent lots of time Patiently helping me decide what size and all the different options. Even came out to the house to measure and mark off the location. But most of all he walked me through the permitting process. The shed is perfect the people who delivered it were very professional and they use a Mule so it was easy to get it to the back of the yard and didn't hurt the grass or sprinklers. I can't recommend them enough!


Sandee Stevenson
Fort Myers, FL